zero44 and Veracity by DNV announce partnership on EU ETS

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May 30, 2024
Friederike Hesse
Co-founder & MD
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zero44 and Veracity by DNV announce partnership to support companies with managing the EU Emissions Trading Systems,  Gram Car Carriers being the first customer benefiting from this cooperation 

  • Together, the two partners will  combine DNV‘s Emissions Connect data verification with zero44’s EUA settlements, trading platform and Union Registry management to support the EU ETS for the maritime sector
  • Gram Car Carriers is the first common customer that will benefit from the new partnership
  • Seamless data sharing to the zero44 EU ETS solution will now be available to DNV‘s Emission Connect customers via the Veracity Data Workbench 

Berlin/Oslo, 26. February 2024 - zero44, a digital solutions provider focused on carbon regulation, and Veracity, the independent maritime cloud platform from DNV, today announce a partnership to jointly support their customers with the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS). 

zero44 customers receive a state-of-the-art software application focused entirely on all aspects of Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHG) regulations, including a full set of features for managing the EU ETS.  

Successful compliance with the system and management of the associated cost risk requires ship owners, ship managers, DoC holders, charterers, operators and cargo owners to agree on each party’s role and responsibility of who will buy EUAs, who will bear the cost and who will carry the compliance risk. They also have to adapt their mutual contracts accordingly (shipman agreements, charter agreements) and exchange data as well as EUAs or money on a regular basis. The total cost risk to manage per vessel can add up to more than a million euros per year.

The zero44 software helps all involved parties to keep track of the flow of allowances and money, and provides direct access to EUA trading as well as the Union Registry. The solution covers all charter types and business models (time charters, voyage charters, off-hires, idle periods) as well as all stakeholder perspectives (owner, charterer, manager) and supports ETS invoicing, ETS payments and ETS trading activities. 

The Veracity Integrated Partner (VIP) program was launched in 2022 to help shipowners add ease and efficiency to their emissions reporting process. As part of the program, established data providers connect with the Veracity platform and   provide a continuous feed of consented and real-time data onto the platform. In Veracity, the data is quality assured according to the established Operational Vessel Data (OVD) standard and verified by DNV.  Common customers thereby reduce their manual efforts and can enjoy an automatic processing of data from the vessel to verification.

Partnering with software solution provider zero44, Veracity extends the VIP program to include data consuming partners. Together, the partners enable common customers to truly maximize the value of their real-time verified emissions data. Through the connectors in the Veracity Data Workbench, customers can easily set up an automatic flow of verified data from Veracity into zero44’s EUA settlement solution. The common customers can thereby  be confident that the data they use in the software solution is verified and up-to-date. 

This was a very important reason for Gram Car Carriers to choose both companies as solution providers. Basing their EU ETS transactions on verified data was a must-have requirement for the publicly listed company. At the same time it is important for Gram Car Carriers to document all the processes around EUA buying, EUA invoicing and EUA surrendering in a reliable digital solution. 

„We are very excited about this partnership,“ said Friederike Hesse, founder and CEO of zero44. „Continuous data verification after each voyage is crucial to accurately account for EUA settlements between stakeholders. Integrating with Veracity and Emissions Connect enables our customers to base their EUA or cash invoices on verified data to help them avoid claim management and bad surprises at the ETS submission deadline in September 2025. And through the partnership our EU ETS offering now is truly ‘plug-and-play’ - if you are an Emissions Connect customer, you can switch on zero44 by the click of a button in your Veracity Data Workbench.” 

Barry Authers, Head of Partners in Veracity by DNV, added: 

„In Veracity we want to make it easier for customers to gain credibity in their data, and maximize its value. For the last two years, we have integrated with data providers to automate the process of turning raw, unstructured operational data into verified emissions data real-time. We are now very excited to take this to the next step, partnering with solution providers such as zero44. Together, we enable our common customers to maximize the value of their data, as they can seamlessly apply the verified data they receive in the Veracity Data Workbench into the zero44 EUA settlement solution. The integration between our platform and zero44’s solution will make the workflow easier for users and secure credibility in numbers.

And Børre Mathisen, COO at Gram Car Carriers said: “For Gram Car Carriers it is vital to base all our EU ETS settlements with customers on verified data. We decided to use DNV Emissions Connect to have monthly and voyage data verified throughout the financial year. Adding zero44 to this directly via the Emissions Connect workbench was very convenient and works smoothly – once verified, we see the exact same data in DNV Emissions Connect and zero44. After the integration was built between the two companies, all we had to do was allow zero44 access and it worked automatically from there.”

About zero44

Founded in Berlin in 2022, zero44 helps shipping companies, ship managers and charterers to plan and optimize their CO2 emissions. In doing so, it offers answers to the growing legal requirements for shipping to reduce CO2 significantly and quickly. Having started in 2024, EU ETS is bringing massive new challenges and operational costs to the industry. With the help of the zero44 solution, shipping companies will receive a comprehensive and daily updated overview of their CO2 emissions, EU allowances and associated flows of money. In addition, users will be able to order EUA via the platform and transfer EUA to other parties. This makes zero44 a comprehensive digital solution that shipping stakeholders can use to quickly and effectively set themselves up for sustainability. For more information, visit

About Veracity by DNV:

Veracity is DNV’s independent cloud, set out to deliver trust and scale to industry digitalization and decarbonization. It brings together all the key players in the maritime and energy industries, to drive business innovation and digital transformation over a common data truth. On the Veracity Marketplace, users can further browse, purchase and access relevant industry data, applications, and digital services. Today, more than 45 000 vessels are easily connected to the platform through the partnerprogram and 300 000 users engage over Veracity, enjoying frictionless connection through the exchange of datasets, APIs, applications, and insights. Visit to discover more.

About Gram Car Carriers:

Gram Car Carriers is developing its position as a substantial tonnage supplier to the world’s major operators of seaborne vehicle transportation. Over the last decades, we have grown to be the third largest car carrier tonnage provider in the world and gained extensive expertise as a commercial manager, covering the whole market with vessels suited to all aspects of the trade. We provide our customers with a modern, reliable and efficient fleet with the latest design details and maximum cargo carrying capability to support the green mobility shift. For more information visit