About us

ZERO44 was founded in January 2022. Our mission is to provide the maritime industry with digital solutions to reach carbon zero.

We are a Berlin based software company that combines a unique team of software and company builders with a passion for the maritime industry.

We are backed by Flagship Founders, a company builder dedicated to digitising the maritime industry.

We believe that our planet needs action now. The shipping industry has a long way to go to reach its ambitious climate targets. We want to help by providing our brains, hands, and hearts.

Our team

Friederike Hesse

Co-Founder and MD
20+ years in building digital start-ups, strategy consulting, and the public sector.

Nils Obermann

Co-Founder and MD
10+ years experience in building and running b2b companies in highly regulated markets; expertise in corporate environments as well as family owned businesses.

Our name

Our name literally means zero carbon. We just replaced the carbon with the number representing the molar mass of CO2 which is 44.009 g·mol−1.  Does that make us a bit nerdy? Maybe. But that’s okay.